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"As a leader, DeNigris shows a mature touch as a composer while flashing those undeniably awesome chops. With the stomp of a distortion pedal, he seamlessly shifts from the warm burn of post-bop to exhilarating fusillades of avant-funk fusion.

His playing on "Between the Lines", his first project as a leader, will make the entire guitar community sit up and take notice."

Bill Milkowski

Cary DeNigris

Between the Lines
Between the Lines
Cary DeNigris

Paul Ramsey

Drori Mondlak

Hang On
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With over a decade of critically-acclaimed recordings and performances under his belt, Cary DeNigris continues to hone his unique sound and writing style. Emerging in the late 80's as a featured member of the Chico Hamilton Quartet, he has recorded five groundbreaking CD's with the legendary percussionist, receiving rave reviews in the U.S.and abroad both as a player and composer.

Recruiting fellow Hamilton bandmate/bassist Paul Ramsey and drummer extraordinaire Drori Mondlak (Frank Foster), DeNigris launched his own powerhouse trio in 1997. Branding their sound thru the gamut of local venues, the trio headed into the studio to record their debut CD "Between the Lines".

With "Between the Lines", DeNigris finally seizes the opportunity to showcase his considerable writing and playing talents for a full 70 minutes. Bristling with energy and ideas, marked by an easy conversational flow between the players, "Between the Lines" is an auspicious jumping-off point for the Cary DeNigris Trio and DeNigris' signature sound: high voltage that swings.

You can order "Between the Lines" by sending check or money order in the amount of $14.99 to:
One Peace Music
477 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203

Both fan mail and business communications can be directed to the above address. You can also contact Cary DeNigris by email at dcaryde@aol.com.

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