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July 23, 2003


Further Adventures of El-Chico

Joyous Shout! is pleased to announce that Foreststorn "Chico" Hamilton is back!! The legendary drummer and bandleader is fully recovered from open heart surgery and hitting the road!!

Chico will be performing: July 27th at the Berkshire Jazz Festival in Great Barrington, MA; on August 14th at Makor in NYC; on August 29th and 30th at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, WA; and on October 5th at Jazz at Drew in Los Angeles, CA!!

The MASSIVE online promotional campaign, Chico Hamilton- Still THE Man came to its successful conclusion at the end of June. In support of Chico's recent Koch Jazz release THOUGHTS OF, the campaign had started with email blasts to 150,000 consumers thru Giant Step (giantstep.net), DC Jazz (dcjazz.com) and Gamelan (www.gamelan.tv). Chico also did on-air phone interviews by with Bonnie Grice WLIU-FM Radio in Southampton, NY; David May WHFC-FM Radio in Bel Air, MD; Neil Tesser "Miles Ahead Jazz Radio Show" in Chicago, IL; Gordon Todd KCBS-FM Radio in Bellevue (Seattle), WA; Rusty Hassan WPFW-FM Radio in Washington, DC; Jay Edwards WCLK-FM Radio in Atlanta, GA; and Joe Zupan WICH-FM Radio Worcester, MA.

Another vital feature of the promotion was a series of contests for autographed Chico memorabilia. These were sponsored by: Giant Step of NY; Milano Mods of Milano, Italy; JazzPortugal of Lisbon, Portugal; the Miles Ahead Drive Time Radio Program of Chicago, IL; Bel Air, WHFC-FM (91.1) Harford Community Radio of Bel Air, MD; the online streaming radio station Mod Radio UK; Santana World, a Carlos Santana fan site from Holland; KBCS-FM Radio of Seattle, WA; and KUSF-FM Radio of San Francisco, CA.

Other features on Chico were done at: AllAboutJazz.com, ISpySoul.com, JazzReview.com, chez.com/michaeland/musinterv.html, www.rcv.fr.fm, AllMusic.com, JazzConnectionMagazine.com, JamBase.com, AttentionSpanRadio.net, OsPlaceJazz.com, and dma.be/p/ultra.

The entire promotion culminated in June with a Spotlight feature on Chico on Liquid Soul Radio (liquidsoulradio.com/v2/spotlight_chico.htm), and a month-long promotion with XM Radio's Real Jazz (XM70) headed by Programming Director Maxx Myrick. This featured daily plugs which drove Real Jazz (XM70) listeners to the XM Radio (xmradio.com) website where they registered for the contest, found links to the latest Chico Hamilton news at the Joyous Shout! website (joyousshout.com), the joyousshout.com flash e-card (joyousshout.com/e-card12-02.html), and to the Amazon.com purchase page for Chico Hamilton's THOUGHTS OF. Earlier, on May 12th, Chico and his "Euphoria" group joined Maxx Myrick at Nola's Penthouse Studios in NYC to tape an edition of Wynton Marsalis' program "In the Swing Seat" which also aired in support of this contest.

THOUGHTS OF shows legendary Jazz drummer & bandleader Chico Hamilton to be always hip and ever modern, even as he approaches his 82nd year!! A swing, swing, swinging affair featuring Chico and his "Euphoria" group - Cary DeNigris on guitar, Paul Ramsey on bass, Evan Schwam on tenor sax, Erik Lawrence on alto and soprano sax, Karolina Strassmayer on flute, alto and soprano sax, and special guest spots from luminaries from the world of jazz guitar (and former band members)- Joe Beck, Larry Coryell and Rodney Jones!! THOUGHTS OF brilliantly captures that ambience so unique to Chico's live performances.

And speaking of live performances, Chico returned to playing in April of 2003 with shows at Richard Stockton College in Pomona, NJ, and a debut performance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival where he received a standing ovation when he walked on stage at the Jazz Tent to begin his show!!

So check out this living legend at these upcoming shows, and find out why all JAZZITUDE and for every generation, Chico Hamilton's "Still THE Man"!!

Chico Hamilton is booked worldwide thru: ConcertedEfforts.com(chris@concertedefforts.com, Tel. 617.969.0810).

Joyous Shout! is also pleased to announce that Donald Elfman (delfman@optonline.net, Tel. 631.261.3295)has joined us in the effort to raise Chico's performance, promotional, and publicity profiles!!



Keep the Faith.


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