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UMMER 1996

JOYOUS SHOUT! is proud to announce that as of 6/17 we have joined the world of innovative and cutting edge online multimedia with the launch of our very own web site at www.joyousshout.com. Our site contains general background information on JOYOUS SHOUT!'s activities, information on legendary jazz drummer and bandleader Chico Hamilton, information on emerging alto & soprano saxophonist Eric Person, information on the acid jazz project The Different Drummer Collective, and information on JOYOUS SHOUT!'s very own Jeffrey Andrew Caddick. The JOYOUS SHOUT! web site has been designed and is maintained by Holly Lloyd of LLOYDESIGN and is being publicized by Deborah Brand of Blue Vision. JOYOUS SHOUT! can also be reached via e-mail.

As many of you know, JOYOUS SHOUT!'s primary function is providing Personal Management Services to Chico Hamilton Productions and I feel that this new presence on the web provides JOYOUS SHOUT! with an expanded possibility of continuously exposing Chico and his music to a greater worldwide audience than was ever before possible. My thus far brief involvement in this emerging method of international communication has already taught me that through this new presence on the web I can reach an audience of young, inquisitive and affluent music listeners that the mainstream jazz media fails to address.

I consider this new presence on the web another piece to the puzzle of bringing to fruition a Chico Hamilton Renaissance. This puzzle started to come together back in 1992 with a series of recordings by Chico for the Italian Soul Note label, including two albums which placed in the DOWN BEAT READER'S POLL for "Jazz Album of the Year": Chico Hamilton & Euphoria- ARROYO in 1992 and Chico Hamilton- DANCING TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER in 1995. The next piece of the puzzle was constant touring in Europe, including tours with his Euphoria group in Spring 1994 in Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, England and France, with his Euphoria group in Fall 1994 with another week in France, with his TRIO! group in Spring 1995 in France for another two weeks, with his TRIO! group in Summer 1995 in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, and with his Euphoria group in Winter 1995/96 in France for an 11 day tour of 9 major cities. Added were the next pieces of the puzzle in November 1994, June 1995, and May 1996 with the broadcast of the documentary film CHICO HAMILTON: DANCING TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER on the cooperative French/German Arts Network ARTE and the German 3 -SAT Network, the premiere of which drew a audience of 165,000 viewers in France and 50,000 viewers in Germany. Added next was a higher touring profile in North America with incendiary live performances at JazzCharlotte twice, at Wave Hill (the Toscanini Mansion in NY), at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, at the Ottawa Jazz Festival, at the Downstairs at the Metropolis Club (in NYC), at the Art Park Jazz Festival, at the Yardbird Suite (Edmonton), at the Painted Bride Arts Center (Philly), at the Five Spot (in NYC), at the Lake George Jazz Weekend, and Flushing Town Hall (NY), among many others.

Pieces of the puzzle to be added in 1996 will include upcoming appearances at the Ford Theater (in DC) in June (with Buddy Collette), at the Montreal Jazz Festival in July, Chico's first appearance in Portugal with his Euphoria group at Jazz en Agosto in Lisbon, at the Brecon Jazz Festival in the U.K. in August, at the Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival in August, and at the Lincoln Center Out-Of-Doors Festival in September. Negotiations are now ongoing for a new recording contract for Chico to entail both his Euphoria and Trio! groups, and negotiations are also now ongoing for the release of the Different Drummer Collective's SECRET PLACE OF THUNDER, the JOYOUS SHOUT! produced "acid jazz" tribute to Chico, "the original groove master."

Watch the puzzle become complete as the Chico Hamilton Renaissance continues!!!! For further assistance, booking enquiries, or to set up interviews for print or on air, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks...Peace...Keep the Faith. J.A.C.

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